fish ‘n’ rocks

Yesterday I went to a yoga class for the first time since getting my foot run over almost 3 months ago. It was the first time I really stopped to notice how much stronger my body is as a result of the past four weeks of farm work.  I haven’t done a push up in who knows how long, but lowering myself slowly from plank to cobra was slower and smoother and more controlled than ever. I also noticed that my ankles and arms were stained with dirt, which may or may not have disgusted my yoga neighbors.  Those dirt stains only faded slightly after a shower scrubbing and honestly I couldn’t care less, which may or may not disgust the reader. I’ve kind of given up on keeping my fingernails clean for the next 5 months. I’ve also got the beginnings of what I can only assume will be the most epic farmer’s tan my skin ever did see.

And the meals continue to get more and more interesting as we wait for farm produce. For lunch~ wild rice with beans, tuna, foraged fiddlehead ferns and homemade bread.

Later in the day we ventured to land I had not yet ventured to, a stunning beach on the west side of the island appreciated greatly by the local fishermen as prime fishing territory.

As it got later, more and more fishing poles appeared.

We didn’t catch anything, but I had fun playing with rocks.

I’ve got this thing for the rocks here. They blow me away. I never thought I’d be so nerdy for rocks, but by golly I’ve been bit.

Gathered some wildflowers on the way home and made this pretty bouquet.

On Wednesday we stopped working a couple minutes early to go to the opening night soirée at The Atlantic, the fanciest restaurant on the island (that I mentioned before buys produce from us).  Free wine and cheese and fancy hours devours, like hint-o-garlic escargot. This rather vile creature with a mouth that reminded me of the boogeyman from Nightmare Before Christmas was standing near us as we reached for the escargot. Before we popped it in our mouths he said, “You can try it here so when you go to a fancy restaurant in NYC you won’t have to BARF IT UP!” Then he laughed a most disturbing laugh, and rollie pollies and cockroaches escaped from the places in his mouth where teeth were supposed to go. But um, I’m sure he was a very nice man.

And I leave you this week with a found materials work of art.  Who wouldn’t love coming home to this?


2 responses to “fish ‘n’ rocks

  1. Very interesting… I’m so glad I stalked you on fbook and was brought to this site. The pictures are beautiful and you know you’ve always been a great writer! How long has it been since I’ve seen you?!

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