weekend update

‘Twas a long and exhausting work week, one filled with some physically intense weeding, emotionally intense harvesting, and spiritually intense meditating. We were pretty pooped come Saturday afternoon, our minds occupied with fantasies of sitting motionless on the beach..or any surface, really.

Started the weekend off with a bang with a freshly packed mini fridge containing leftovers from the CSA and farmer’s market–basil, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, celery, spring onions, scallions.

Packed a lunch of basil/garlic scape pesto and brown rice pasta and a massaged kale with kohlrabi salad and went to the beaaachhhhhh. gourmet beach dining.

The ocean felt amazing, I didn’t ever want to leave. When it came time to attempt to find the motivation to get out, I had the little boy near me to thank for providing me with just the inspiration I needed, as he observed: “It gets REALLY warm when you tinkle!”


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