Yesterday we returned to the barn after a long day in the fields to find BEES. in the barn. lots. everywhere. It turned out that the extra trays for the beehives that were being stored in the barn (and still had some honey in them) had been infiltrated by wax moths who ate through the plastic bags the trays were stored in, thus releasing the deliciously hypnotic scent of honey to honey-hungry honey bees.

So, today we spent the morning cleaning the many trays, ridding each one of the wax moths and their vile maggot-like larvae. I was grossed out for the first 2 minutes or so, and then the act of scraping squirming maggots became quite meditative. Though I’ll be pretty surprised if I don’t have a creepy dream about these vile creatures. Here’s a google image to give you the gist of what I was dealing with from the hours of 7:30 to 11:30 this morning:

Unfortunately I just found out that people eat these (“wax moth larvae tacos” was the second suggested google search). Now I’m definitely going to have a creepy dream.

The gross factor really did wear off quite quickly for me, and more than anything I spent the time pleasantly thoughtless, enjoying the buzz of thousands of bees all around me, knowing I was perfectly safe in my head-to-toe bee suit. I definitely fell in love with bees today, and now fantasize of the day I can help nature raise some more in a beehive of my own. mmm, honey.


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