Today we said our final goodbye to the last of the tomato plants, the little troopers that stuck around pumping out tomatoes in the hoophouse. 

Once upon a time you were just a big empty hoophouse, dusty and dry and invaded with weeds. But your weeds we took out, your soil we amended. And it was there, over 5 months ago, that I learned how to form raised beds using hand tools, the “old-fashioned way” I think they call it now. We filled you with little baby tomato plants, that we started from seeds, and when they grew too tall to stand on their own, we carefully fastened each one to their trellis. And then they grew tall, and they started to flower. So much fruit did they grow, reds oranges and yellows.




So today we removed each tomato plant, and the 2 rows of eggplants and peppers that also once lived in the hoophouse, took down all the trellising, weeded, raked out all the debris, and wam bam done, that’s how you clear out a hoophouse.
Then we cleaned seedling trays for hours. And now…now, it is my bedtime. Goodbye day 8. 7 more!

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