Back on solid ground

And already it feels like a distant memory.

Summary of the last week:  After a night in Mystic, CT (complete with my very first bath), we stopped in Millerton, NY to stay with the lovely Mark and Sara. The drive was breathtakingly colorful and fall-y.

We biked along the rail trail, an old railroad that is now a beautiful bike path.

And after parting ways, we made one special stop on our way back to NYC.

Stonebarns Center for Food and Agriculture: happiest place on earth? Maybe my newfound freedom was clouding my perception, but it sure seemed close to the picture of perfection.  I mean, look at the bee hives:

And though, at this point, I was about 94% farmed-out, the active 6% of me was in total awe of their rockin greenhouse and beautiful farm land…or “manicured forest” as John called it… which doesn’t really make sense, but it’s funny.

And now I’m back in Brooklyn. A few crazy subway rides and it’s like I never left. Last night I watched a man on a train take 2 wads of cash out of his wallet and count them freely, as if everyone in the packed train wasn’t watching him and contemplating robbery. He had at least $800 on him, it was after midnight, and I don’t understand what he was thinking.  When I was waiting for the train, a couple in their late 60s kept me amused with their anti-R Train profanity… The man yelled, “this MUTHUF^<KIN train…me and my MUTHUF^<in ideas”  at the top of his lungs for like 6 minutes straight. And the woman was yelling about how some guy who kept calling her was going to “have to wait for the money” and that she “wasn’t going to rush home to give him money.”  ah, yes! The city welcomes me back!


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