Tori, Who Lives at Home

In just two short sleeps, Sister and I hop in a packed car and make our way from coast west to coast east, hereby ending this chapter we shall call Tori, Who Lives at Home. This chapter was one of much soul-searching, quiet contemplation, family bickering, family non-bickering (I don’t know if there’s a name for that), a 10 day silent vipassana meditation retreat, and food. At the very beginning of this chapter (TWLaH?), which started after the completion of my farming apprenticeship on Block Island, I had absolutely no clue where things would go, how the chapter would end. Would I move back to Brooklyn? Would I stay here and start growing mushrooms? Become a Naturopath? Can I just hurry up and wake up and know exactly what I want to do with my life? I felt the subtle (and opposite of subtle) nagging of an anxious mind wanting to know exactly what to expect. And that never came, as it never really can. But one day I decided to stop trying to deny where I was and to stop trying to live three steps ahead. I decide to accept myself as Tori, Who Lives at Home (right now), and I then stopped being so judge-y about it.  And then what happened? No jokey, the very next day the Kushi Institute told me they accepted me as a volunteer and that I’d be starting in June.

And in summation of this time of learning and doubting and questioning and eating, I give you some of the photographic highlights of my time back home. I probably could have split this up into 5-20 different posts, but I guess I was too busy living it to document it…or too busy thinking I was too busy living it to document it…or too lazy. Whatever the reason, what follows is quite a bit of photos, taken whenever I found the motivation to unzip my camera bag. There’s just something about being at home that makes everything feel a little more like.. sledging through tar, you know?? You know.

Starting with my foray into fermentation:



rejuvelac. (fermented sprouted grains, a probiotic super-beverage)

My friend Aaron and I taught a small fermentation class in his kitchen!:


lots of weeding to get things looking appealing for potential house-buyers. mm, look at that:

I also got a little gardening in:: 

strawberries that I planted 3 years ago, still going strong!:



Lots of cooking::::

kale salad, amaranth and broccoli. hibiscus tea

/baking: black forest birthday cake

almond buttuh

beet/avocado/kale salad with citrus vinaigrette 

coconut curry lentil soup

garbanzo beans and friends

ginger, garlic, turmeric, lemon, mint & honey tea

backyard strawberries on waffle, nettle tea

time on my hands:

wheatgrass growing and drinking:::::

some knitting and crocheting:::::::

juggling with new friends on No Pants Day::

O bus adventures to Sanny Franny::

Time for the first of those two sleeps. Good night.

Love (yourself exactly as you are right now),

Tori who lives at home (for 2 more nights)


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