Day 3: No clever title here today, strictly business

First, an important message to the internet-accessing universe: HappyBirthday to my precious sister! Such a precious creature she is, and I love her soooooo. 

Today we crossed no state borders (though we did enter a new time zone)–beginning the morning in Kimball, Nebraska and settling in for the night in Omaha, Nebraska. Many cornfields we did pass. I believe I now understand where the “cornhuskers” nickname comes from.

The only other crop I saw was the “cow” crop. A fragrant crop, it is. When you do it like this..Sorry, Cows. 😦

The following photo is pretty disgusting, but I can’t resist posting it. Splat. The front of the car is looking like a bug-gut Polluck painting.

And then we got to Omaha, our destination for the day. It was the first place we’ve stayed in thus far where we actually got to do some exploring and city-wandering. We’re couchsurfing here for the night and our super sweet host gave us a bunch of suggestions of places to check out. It was nice to take some time to connect a bit with the place we’re passing through, instead of just getting gas and going, or getting sleep and going, or getting totally creeped out and going (Evanston, thank you for that gift).

Omaha has trees, and oh how I missed green. Omaha gave us a kale salad, and oh how my body missed greens. Omaha also gave us some way yum ice cream.

And a nice stroll through a pretty park as the sun set. 


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