American Dream, The

Oh me? Just here, living the American Dream: cheez its and cheap wine for dinner in a Super 8 in Ottawa, Illinois. Does it get more American than that? As a certified Holistic Health Counselor, the decision of what to put in my body is really important to me. So when I’m faced with the abundance of food choice that life on the road presents me, I make sure that I’m listening to my body, listening to my heart, with each bite that enters the temple. I ask myself, which of the available two food groups do I want today? Sugar, or carbs? If neither sounds appealing, I can turn to the subgroup of Sugary-Carb.

Anyway, here are today’s photos. Lurgy and I have spent the last 3 hours laughing hysterically about the most ridiculous nonsense experiences we’ve experienced and are experiencing, and of course I’m much too tired to even know how to begin to write about any of it. And the overdose of American Dream Subgroup doesn’t help. Also, I’m not sure if any of it is actually funny or if we’re just delirious from life in the desert/on a boat.

Des Moines, Iowa Botanical Gardens:

This was actually a very emotionally moving moment for us all, giving my eco phone (he’s 40% corn) the opportunity to revisit his homeland of Cornville USA. You should have seen his face, eyes swelling up with tears of HFCS, as he was flooded with memories of his childhood.

And our resting point for the night: Ottawa, Illinois. Ottawa (or “Ottawata” “Ottawatatata” “What’s it called again?” “Okawat” as Lizzer calls it) is where “Abe Lincoln was first heard,” in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858. 

Sleepy time.
Lots of Love from the SugarSisters.
Cheers to the American Dream, and let’s hope it doesn’t keep us up tonight.

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