Mothballs and Cantaloupe

Ok, where was I….

Day 6: Woke up in Pittsburgh, explored downtown area for 2.7 minutes, and made the (pleasantly short) drive to Washington D.C.

Made it to DC pretty early, where we were greeted by our very excited Auntie Rose/Aunt Rosie.  We spent most of the rest of the day learning about the Enneagram and its nine interconnected personality types and talking about boys. Typical girl stuff.

And yesterday:

We drove to Frederick, Maryland to visit Greg, our favorite resident of this beautiful city. We had a lovely time wandering the historic streets and enjoying Greg’s company.

Someday, when money is no object, I would like to dine here (Volt):

Thanks for lunch and a wonderful day, Greg!

And today:

Smithsonian hopping in Washington::::

The Museum of Natural History amazes us every time. 

The Museum of American History had a mile long line and “shitshow” written all over it, so we passed. 

The Hirschhorn museum of weirdness is my favorite.

Never a dull moment with this weirdo.

And for dinner, a big ole plate of beezghetti (that’s toddler for spaghetti), garlic bread, and vino.

Saturday we drive up to NY, but tomorrow is another full day of whatever we feel like we wanna do. Old town Alexandria, perhaps? Pictures will follow, regardless of the outcome.

Oh, and the title? It’s what the bathroom of the Natural History Museum, in my opinion, reeked of. Lurgen says I’m trying to be hipster with such a title.

Good night!


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