Three days after driving across the country, we still had very little interest in anything close to a wild and/or crazy adventure, and very little interest in anything that involved spending time in a train and/or automobile. We decided to keep things slow and easy today…slept in, looked Rose’s artwork, went on a long walk, spent some time on the roof, painted Rose’s nails 10 different bright colors (I’m sure they loved us at sephora).  The weather was cooler than we’ve ever experienced in D.C. (we’re usually here during the blazing heat of summer), and we loved coming home not totally drenched with sweat and reeking of nasty. Though we must admit it’s been pretty weird not being here with our parental units…. (We used to come here every summer for a couple years as one big happy family.) Miss you mom n pop!

Up on the roof:

Eric’s favorite photo because I look possessed, and I probably was?

Precious sleeping Lurgen.

Me looking waaaaaay too cool for school.

He looks cute but he was probably yelling something inappropriate at the photographer.

A Rose watercolor original…. look familiar???


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