Latin for “Success”

Well, whaddaya know? We California girls done crossed the country. And without air conditioning!

We arrived in Port Jeff, where Lurgen will now be residing, last Saturday. It is a cute little place, and we had a jolly fun week getting acquainted with the city. (Thank you for everything, Brandon.)



Praising the dolphins. One Love.


The happy cupcake, I mean couple. teehee.

Over the week, I read two:


Took the ferry from Port Jeff to Bridgeport, CT. It was dry-heave and nausea free! That is Latin for “Success” in my book.


And bringing things back to the present moment… I am just barely still awake, chillin at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport, CT. The ferry/bus schedules conflict and wouldn’t allow me to do both on the same day, so here I am. Tomorrow I take a 7am bus to Massachusetts, and begin my month-long volunteer adventure. I’m feeling many things (as humans tend to do): tired, nervous, excited, sad to leave my sistersister, etc, tired. I have very little clue of what to expect, which is a bit scary, but do we ever really know what to expect? No. We can think we do, but we don’t. But I’ve had two flying dreams in the last two nights, and I’m going to take that as a good sign, a good omen (I just read The Alchemist, all about paying attention and listening to omens).

While I was showering I kept hearing loud banging/crashing/explosion-like noises coming from somewhere in the near distance. I ignored it for a while, without realizing I was ignoring it, until eventually something in me decided I should probably look out the window and see what was going on. This is what I saw:

Fireworks! Fireworks? Hm, what day is it? It’s not 4th of July yet, right? Do they do fireworks for Father’s Day? Either way, maybe I’ll take the fireworks as a good omen too. Because I can. And Happy Father’s Day to you, Pop!!!





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