Happy Belly, Happy Mind

A week ago I felt like a college freshman moving into the dorms, a latecomer joining the crowd long after everyone had divided off into their respective cliques. (In reality, everyone was really quite nice and friendly and welcoming from the beginning, but I felt what I felt, it was still scary, I’m very sensitive?) And now, on my one week anniversary, I feel less like a stranger in a strange land and more like a jubilant free spirit, being gratefully fed like a most fortunate queen. Or whatever.

In other words, I really like it here! Love, even. Yes, Love. I love it here.

I’ve only just begun to learn more about macrobiotics, but what I have learned so far really resonates with all that I have studied and practiced in the realm of holistic health.  Macrobiotics is about more than just food. It goes far beyond “eat this, don’t eat that, do this don’t do that”. It’s about living in harmony with the earth, living in harmony with your community, living in harmony with your body. That’s how I see it at least. I also think you can call it macrobiotics or you can call it whatever you want to call it…being a good person, living in love, The Kind Life (in Alicia Silverstone’s words). I think it’s all the same when your intentions are genuine and your priorities are happiness, peace, health and to love and be loved.

It’s always what you make it. And I know tomorrow may be different, but right now it feels pretty sweet. Today I worked the brunch shift, was off at 12, took a little nap and then spent some time swimming in the nearby lake. De.light.ful. Then back for another ridiculously amazing dinner followed by a hula hooping/juggling session outside with some macrohomies. I started going on wuggles in my spare time (juggle walks– juggling while walking or walking while juggling) and people started expressing an interest in learning. I’ve taught two people so far in the last two days, both learning in one session and both leaving feeling satisfied and happy and empowered. I had forgotten how much I love teaching people how to juggle!  Self empowerment through juggling, peeps. It’s powerful stuff.

I haven’t been taking many pictures, but my next post will surely contain photos of the food. (Because how many times can I keep telling you how delicious it is before I get annoying? It’s really good, though.)

Goodnight from me and my happy belly, wishing you and your belly much happiness and peace..and peas? Yes, and peas.


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