miso happy

This morning, my miso soup had a message for me.

“Hey girl,” it said, “BE HAPPY.” (I did not stage this photo)

And then this afternoon, as I was eating this:

and talking with the adorable French man that cooked it, I heard again, in different words and with a thicker accent: Hey girl, BE HAPPY.

And I decided to listen.

And then later, completely unexpectedly, the most heavenly of presents were presented to me by two beautiful macro-angels who had just returned from a magical journey into the outside world. They came bearing macro-friendly tiramisu, key lime and coconut pie. So much yin! So much happy yin! laksdjfkjdaklfjkdjadljfdlk!!

It’s bedtime. That’s all I’ve got in the way of commentary and typing letters that make words and then sentences. But here are a lot of photos that I’ve been hoarding. Tomorrow I will share with you many more photos that I’ve been hoarding. Or sometime in the next few days. Hopefully it will be less than 8 weeks.

I love you all!!!


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