Here I go, back into the outside world…or back out to the inside world…or front-first under this backwards universe.

This crazy place is all I know, and all I’ve ever known..or so feels in this moment..in this moment that I should be sleeping. I live in the Berkshires, I eat magically prepared grains and beans and  veg-geh-tah-bulls sprinkled with magic and magic byproducts, and I wash a lot a lot a lot of dishes. I meet someone new almost everyday, I come very close to peeing myself from laughter at least 4 times a week, and my feet are dirty all the time from spending my non-work time frolicking about barefoot. This place, these people, this food, this water, this air, this life has been my reality for nearly 3 months, and tomorrow I frolic my way off to a new reality, dirtying my feet with a different kind of filth.

I think this is where I make a wish~~

i am trusting, allowing, embracing, receiving, giving, teaching, loving, learning, laughing. breathing. and in a few minutes, sleeping. 

No need to fear the unknown; I know that I’ll be taken care of. And that I’ll always, no matter what the circumstances, be well fed. and well chewed (as opposed to chewed well). (whatever that means)


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