Who ordered the giant naked man? With a side of miso soup?

Today my day (it’s your’s too)



~waking up with sore calves (perhaps I can attribute that to walking 8 miles yesterday, and 10 the day before?)

~cooking food, and then putting that food on three plates, and then eating that food (just one of the three). Happily.

Breakfast~amaranth+fruit compote, miso soup

Lunch~homemade sushi in Lafayette Park (across the street from Obama’s crib)

Dinner~ chickpea concoction that turned out yum, steamed rutabaga, rice, and greens with tofu dressing










~taking my shoes off, in downtown DC!, and putting my feet in here:

^^heavenly refreshment.

~gazing skyward, in awe.

~being chased by a rolling eraser brush thing:

~and some museum hopping

The Renwick Gallery~

and the Hirschhorn~






                             but    h   a   p   p   y

                               that you stopped by

                              to read about today.

                                                                         \                            /

                                                                          \                     /

                                                                           \              /

                                                                            \      /






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