leftovers, rightunders, and millet in my shoes

Once upon a time, these vegetables were strangers.

“Hey, I’m Diakon.. you come here often?”

“hi..lovely to meet you.. I’m Collard, Collard Green.”

Long story short: they all hit it off quite spectacularly, dancing together forever all the way down to my belly in the everlasting dance of the miso soup.

Other vegetable friendships were created, nurtured and then labeled “BFF.” Photo documentation of these relationships follows.

tofu scramble with farmers’ market green beans, millet+corn, collard/kale/radishes/leeks, pickles

Chili beans with tofu sour cream, rice, sauteed cabbage, farmers’ market salad. acorn for dessert. 

jus kiddin, THIS was dessert. chocolate pudding:

azuki beans+squash

lentil soup…pumpkin seed dressing!…nishime diakon/carrot/onion/celery 🙂

lentil burger!

hummusssss n friends

butternut squash soup, quinoa+beans salad, homemade pickles

fridge alumni…leftovers. 

And some random snaps from the streets of DC (things I would not eat)…

my shadow looks like a parrot on a fist. see it?

oh hey, angels…

And in case you were wondering—millet in the shoes? It’s not quite annoying enough to warrant bending over and removing shoes.  But perhaps I’m just a lazy person?




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